New Article #1

Long time no see... Lot of shit happened.. Somehow I managed to get over it.. But I will not bother you with my personal problems anymore, I am not some long lady spreading her diary all over the net.

Once again the call my Buffalo Bill

Why am I writing an english article? Who the fuck cares? I wanna do this and thats all. Sometime ago I did wrote an article for my girlfriends blog. It spread really quickly and readers were satisfied and I was surprised. People liked it and they wanted to read some more. Unfortunately it ended with the first article. Now I am really thinking about writing articles just in English. Well, you might ask yourself why. And you know why? Because its funny, I like it, people like it and I am practicing my english skills. Which are on the second line right now.

I did some studies some time ago. Now I am in winter sleep for about a week. Ready for my graphics issues, ready for making songs, ready for some playing. I lied you a lot. I found out that I am not interested in teaching you and learning you how to make songs. Honestly I don't care. It's your way. You should learn it and do it on your own.

I found out that I am interested in making another personal website. Another is not a good word. I mean.. New one.. Yeah thats it. I am registered in countless community websites such as Facebook, deviantArt, Flickr, blog here and many others. So I wanna make some "Mekka" of my accounts. Whit its own customized google "searcher". Even though I have these ideas I have no time right now. So maybe later. See ya then.

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